When Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence was released in 2001 , there was a whole slew of A.I. fansites which appeared on the internet, all inspired by, and dedicated to this one amazing film. Some of the fansites were simple, heartfelt tributes by fans so deeply moved by the film. Others were scholarly, well-researched works that were astonishing in their depth and scope.

One of these wonderfully well-researched websites was one called Dave Corcoran's A.I. Analysis Page which compared screen captures from Stanley Kubrick's films with those from Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Seeing the visual images from A.I. compared side by side with those from the various Kubrick films, it became extremely obvious that Spielberg directly referenced many of Kubrick's films in homage to the late great director . Dave Corcoran's site was one of the earliest to establish this clearly .

Although Dave Corcoran's A.I. Analysis Page is still up at its original site , all the images at this time of writing are no longer hosted . It would indeed be a great loss to the A.I. community if such an amazing project was lost forever. With this in mind, the ComeAwayOHumanChild A.I. Tribute Site embarked on what was in our mind, an extremely important project, to archive Dave Corcoran's A.I. Analysis Page , which we have faithfully and respectfully recreated using images which fortunately we managed to recover . We are extremely fortunate to be able to host this recreated and archived site.

Do continue to visit the original site, as well as Dave Corcoran's Home Page , as we believe in supporting the original sites . We really hope to hear from Dave Corcoran one day , so Dave, if you read this , do contact us , it would be great to talk to you! We sincerely hope that you approve of our archiving your site as our Tribute to you and to A.I. Artificial Intelligence .

In the meantime, we are proud to present to all A.I. fans the recreated and archived A.I. Analysis site. Enjoy it !



since 16th January 2006

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