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"Oh… Hi... excuse me? Yeah, that’s me. I was in A.I. … Sure I'll sign your autogr-... what?... (sigh) no... you're thinking of the other kid. He's over there in the center of that dense cluster of fans and photographers... Sure no problem. See ya later… asshole."

Ahhh, a quiet moment of solitude to introspect and sort out the days trials and tribulations, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the 'biz' and all its peripheral annoyances, to take some time away from friends and hangers-on, to be free from the noise and distractions of the city and computers and television and the soccer field and the basket ball court and ... and ... RESTRICTION SUCKS!
Rouge City. Mecha-nized city of sin. Land of a thousand forbidden delights. After first visiting a church where David was talking to the statue, and then Dr Know so David could ask some questions about "fairy tales", Joe is having second thoughts about tagging along with the kid.

(I have four for this one, you decide which is better) 

1. Harrison feigns mild curiosity as he desperately grills Haley for tips on doing "that crying bit."

2. "Uhhh, I have no idea where your seats are, kid, I don't work here"

3. "Oh yeah... Mr. Ford, I love that Han Solo character... every time you play it."

4."Psst... hey kid, before we go out there, just let me say if you try upstaging me the way you did Spacey, I'll shove that microphone up... oops... we're on."



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