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With Bruce Willis playing his backup, Haley makes someone an offer he can't refuse in this scene from the young stars next challenging role as Poco Corleone in "Godfather IV: The Littlest Don" .
Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacy prepare to do their part in the first annual "Toss Haley for Charity" benefit. "It's sort of a natural reaction when you first meet him" says Hunt who came up with the idea while filming the famous slapping scene from PIF. "He's so cute and little and so damned precocious you just wanna pick him up and toss him across the room. We figured people would pay to see that." Proceeds will go to help dramatically challenged thespians across the country.

"Yeah, that's right, a robot that can dream, that's what I said. Why? You got a problem with that? Maybe you have a better idea? Or maybe you think you want a piece of me? Well here I am... bring it on!" William Hurt says as he improvises a much more confrontational Alan Hobby in a scene that was cut from the final version of the film.

“You are forgiven,” Haley tells a kneeling group of Osmenites. The young actor was initially distressed at the strange cult of zealous worshippers that had begun to follow him around, chanting his name, worshipping him and offering to do his every bidding, but as time passed the idea grew on him.



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