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"I'll be your Obi Wan, baby," says a randy teen as he views the uncensored version of Princess Leah's message to the aging Jedi Knight. The bootleg hologram is always a party favorite all around the Empire. The Royal family has repeatedly but vainly tried to curtail it's distribution. "This thing is all blown out of proportion" claimed the embarrassed Princess "We really needed his help and... well, I had to use whatever resources were available to me," she said in an attempt to explain the controversial recording. The transcended Jedi Knight could not be reached for comment but rumor has it even the bootleg is missing segments.

"OK! You think they're so cool? You wear em!" David blurts out, apparently unhappy with the choice of bedwear. Henry quickly decides to adjust some of the 'tude out of the little Mecha's personality parameters.

WHOA... hey, check it out... I think I know her!" Hobby's assistant says as the two take a few moments to relax and enjoy some of Alan's 'classified' folders.

"Ok sir, now close your eyes and touch your nose for me please," Martin says after enlisting Davids assistance to play act his future career choice. Having displayed a quick temper and a tendency to bully others into submission, the boy's vocational potential was clear.



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