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Ms. Harris, 5th period algebra, had heard all the late homework excuses in the world. But for some reason, when Haley used them... it worked..

Haley's emotional control does not come by accident. It takes hours of practice and preparation for each performance in order to get the desired effect. Here the young actor is seen practicing in preparation to ask if he can stay up an hour past his usual bedtime.

"Seriously... trust me when I say that you really do have an exceptional talent. I've been around kid, and I've seen a lotta crazy sh*t in this buisness, but I'm telling you honestly... I think you'll do great things if you just work hard, keep your focus and most of all; don't get wrapped up in your own b.s.," says Haley, and Kevin decides the whole "precocious" thing is getting a bit out of hand.

"Alright Jake, quit screwin' around! Just tell me if it looks infected!"



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