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As many of his fans know, Haley is a lover of animals, especially exotic ones. Here Haley is seen with one of his newest pets. The rare, furry creature, seen here crawling about on the young actors head, was frightened by the camera lights, and took a defensive stance before Haley finally put it back into its box.

"I know, Jude, I know but..."

"But nothing Steven! You said that I could have Teddy when the shoot was wrapped and now you're just..."

"OK OK, Jude, let's not make a scene here. You know how Haley gets sometimes. Just let him take this one and I'll have Stan and the guys make one especially for you. Now wouldn't that be nice? Huh? Can you work with me on this?"

Another advantage of the Mecha child, and a great selling point: Volume Controls! Here Monica is seen adjusting the EQ just a bit to cut the edge off of the "AWWWW, MOM!" response.



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