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"Tag...You’re IT!” yells TCU4439-78 before dashing off to hide in the ice surrounding the excavation site. The malfunctioning Temporary Corporal Unit was immediately located and reincorporated into the Nexus before the mission continued.


It only takes a few brief moments of shallow conversation and pretentious posturing before David decides the ‘club scene’ is not for him.


First there’s Kenny, dreamy and chic, the smart guy of the band. Then there Timmy, he’s the shy one… but don't be fooled ladies! Donny plays drums, he's brash and bold and you'd better not let your mother meet him! Cory is quiet and cute and he holds the key to every girls heart! And Randy is… not responding… not responding… not responding… not responding…


Teddy quickly found that playing Hide & Seek with David could be a very frustrating venture.



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