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For your own safety, Monica… don't do it unless you're absolutely sure…. it's really, really spicy… I'm stickin with the Moo Goo Gai Pan, myself.



Actor Kevin Spacey decides to use his high profile success and be a role model for kids by completing his education where he left off.


New from IKEA, complete home furnishings for the unlicensed couple on the go! (teddy bear optional)

"The Blue Fairy" is the hottest new game sweeping the Nexus. Here fascinated players look on as high scoring champion TCU092257 uses the risky but subtle "illusion manifest override" move to counter challenger SMU92278's not so subtle "archetype submersion" routine. The challenger had initially attempted the deadly "dream cadence innuendo" move but the defending champion blocked that it with a firm "thematic inconsistency" shield. The battle between these two champions is far from over.



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