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" ... Berkley Breathed ... whom I owe months and months of thank yous .... You did such a wonderful job, doing these illustrations ( for Secondhand Lions ) .

Berkley, you may remember, did the Bloom County strip a number of years ago, and he is my favourite cartoonist, ever !

And so ... we had no money to ... you know, these cartoons needed to be great, they show Walter is successful, they need to be good, and they should be whimsical to really capture the show. I wrote Berkley the biggest butt-kissing fan letter you ever read, and he said, even though we had no money, he did these for us out of the goodness of his heart, AND he just did SUCH an amazing job....

- Tim McCanlies in his Director's Commentary for the Secondhand Lions DVD

Legendary cartoonist , Berkley Breathed , was persuaded by director Tim McCanlies to come out of retirement to do a series of cartoons which show how successful a cartoonist Walter had grown up to become, his drawings fueled and inspired by his adventures growing up on the farm with his uncles. They showed how a timid, insecure boy had grown up to be an artistic, confident man because , as the adult Walt said himself , his uncles raised him , and raised him well.

These beautiful drawings by Berkley Breathed are an important part of the film, and we hope that you enjoy them.

Click on each picture to supersize it.

Click on each picture to supersize it.

These beautiful cartoons by Berkley Breathed are available in high definition images as part of the enhanced features of The Secondhand Lions Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album , now available worldwide from Newline Records. We highly recommend this album. Be sure to get your copy today!

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