Artificial Intelligence
A Fan's Novel

Adapted from the film A.I. by Bryan Harrison



I never read forewords. They’re mostly boring and full of information that I’d find in the story anyway. But now I am writing one so I’ll make my hypocrisy brief.

I went out one night with a fiend to see a film that I really wasn’t so interested in seeing. I had only seen a few adds and expected a second E.T. Not that I didn’t like E.T., but I wasn’t in the mood for a family sort of film, not that E.T. is a typically family type film, but I think you know what I mean. What I experienced in the theatre that night and for numerous subsequent viewings has affected me for the last year and is still doing so. I am sure that many of you have had a similar experience.

There are many aspects of our human lives and the folly of our petty conflicts that this film addresses. As well as the potential of our hearts to overcome our obstacles, external or those numerous self made kind that so often get in our path. This is truly a piece of artwork that will outlive all of its critics and inspire audiences for decades. That’s my prediction for the record. If I am proved wrong you don’t have to search me out for a response, I’ll give you one now; “So what? I know it’s a classic.” 

There are numerous subtexts to the film and Stanley and Steven were wise to leave most of this up to the viewer. I have tried to embrace some of their wisdom, but alas I am only mortal. I can only give you my interpretations. But I believe that interpretation is pretty close to the spirit of the film, or at least I have endeavored to have it so.

I did not approach this rendering as a Science Fiction, or really even a fairy tale, which it really is after all. I approached A.I. as a story about love and the way it transcends our spirit and make us ‘real’. Every character in the film, even those we tend not to sympathize with is driven by love.

I tried to keep to the heart of the film which I saw as a portrait of us; Orga. As told through the conflict of this special little Mecha. But I have also taken significant liberties with the story. I had to define how David and the Mecha saw the world around them and try to exemplify the change in their processing as the story progresses.  This was fun to do. There are also many things that I felt needed to be addressed. Many of you already know what they are. Little inconsistencies. Like… how does a little robot boy steal a police amphibicopter anyway? Or, if Mecha never forget, then why don’t the Super-Mecha seem to have any info on the Orga? Well, maybe these were just questions that I asked myself… but, anyway I address these and other little annoyances in the plot as well as adding some filler scenes. Stuff that I would liked to have seen.

I know I wont please everybody, especially those who have constructed elaborate metaphors around the film. I have used my own humble associations. I hope most of you enjoy it.

I want to thank Jawad and everyone at the SKG Fansite; those who have befriended me and whose ponderings and challenges have helped me shape my own interpretations of the tale. Especially Hope who was always inspiring, theindiscriminatorygadfly for his observations and suggestions, a_fan for his german translation and for a wonderful breakfast, and all the Barflies of Shangri-La for their rendering of the dialogue, which I referred to often. I apologize to all those who I didn’t mention by moniker.

I also want to thank Brian Aldiss for the original story “Supertoys Last All Summer Long”, Stanley Kubrick (R.I.P), Ian Watson, Steven Spielberg, Jude Law, Francis O’Conner, Sam Robards, William Hurt, Jake Thomas, Brendan Gleeson and all the other major and minor players that made this film come to life for me and so many others who have been moved by your work. I hope some of you may chance to read this and enjoy it.

No, I didn’t forget!! This is a special thank you to Haley Joel Osment for bringing David to life so masterfully and touching so many of our hearts. The best to you in your future pursuits.



Bryan Harrison (pazu7)






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