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In 1969, British author Brian W. Aldiss published a short story in Harper's Bazaar which challenged the whole public thought on machines and the idea of robots. This short story , Super-Toys Last All Summer Long led to a 20 year project started by the late Stanley Kubrick which culminated in the beautiful film , "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" directed by Steven Spielberg.

This film was so wonderful in concept and execution that it has gone on to spur the imagination of countless talented fans, who have continued to keep the world that A.I. inhabited alive, through fan fiction and other ways .

Author Henry Lake Spaulding has written 4 wonderful short stories based on characters from A.I., which give added insight to the characters featured in the film. The first 3 stories form the DAY Trilogy , and are designed to be read in sequence. The fourth, Epilogue, is a short but powerful piece about Super Teddy after the film closes , and I dare you to read it without tears in your eyes.

Enjoy these wonderful stories by Henry Lake Spaulding together with the movie , and be moved .

I was....

Daniel in Singapore


Victor sighed and slumped, now looking older than Hobby remembered him. "There's no other way to do this, Allen.

"There's been an accident.... "

It happened. Instantly. David's face changed markedly, like a curtain was being pulled back. The doll face vanished. Oh God, thought Hobby. I know it's not him, but…

David cocked his head a little to one side. "Why are your eyes wet, Dad?"

Hobby sat down at his desk, and groaned. Where have you gone, David? Have I lost you yet again?

There was a soft knock at the door....


Teddy turned to the Mecha. "Will David wake up?"

"No, Teddy. Should David wake up, he would be very unhappy. Monica is gone forever, and we cannot remove the love he feels for her without damaging him...

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