This compilation of the dialogue from the Steven Spielberg film "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" is a labor of love created by a number of fans of the film, known collectively for this project as "The Barflies at the Shangri-La". We seek neither fame nor fortune for our efforts - only the continued and expanded enjoyment of this magnificent motion picture by the millions of fans worldwide; an enjoyment which has for many become a kind of strange and exquisite addiction.

The story, characters, images from the film, and the dialogue presented here are the property of Warner Bros. Inc., and Dreamworks SKG, and we humbly beg their indulgence.

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And from all the Barflies, a tip of the glass…thanks, Steven. This film is truly special, and unique.


NOTE: It has come to our attention that our work is appearing on other sites without our authorisation, and without credit being given. Those sites are displaying an earlier version, sans many corrections and additions, and taken prior to secure coding. For those of you who are using this compliation for research , be informed that this is the only corrected version, and is not available on any other site , but this.

The Barflies, October 3 , 2002

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"Artificial Intelligence: A Fan's Novel", is a blow-you-away full-length fanfiction novelization based on the film, written by Bryan Harrison. We encourage all to set aside some time, and re-visit the drowned world of Orga and Mecha: of David, Joe, Monica, Professor Hobby, and Teddy - through the eyes and words of someone with a deep connection to as well as a fresh viewpoint on the story.

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