This is the beautiful, current headshot of Haley Joel Osment which first appeared on his official website on 28th April 2004.

Probably taken soon after his 16th birthday, this stunning portrait shows a young man who is mature, confident, at peace, and contented , a clear testament to the remarkable young man that Haley has grown up to be.

We pay tribute to this incredible young actor who is growing up so well, and who is making us who have followed his career so proud of his achievements and of the life that he has chosen to lead. We also honour his parents, who have obviously been such an anchor in this young man's life. We share your joy and your pride.


Please note that this picture is copyrighted by , the official website of Haley Joel Osment . Please be sure to visit Haley's official website. This fansite fully supports Haley Joel Osment and his official website , and we hope that the use of this official copyrighted photo in this sincere tribute is acceptable.

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