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Together is one of those wonderful small movies that you come across once in a long time . It is a film that tells a simple tale of a father's tremendous love for his son , of the sacrifices that each one would need to make , both father and son, for each other , as they both try to forge a future for themselves .  
About A Boy
There are many things to like about the movie, About A Boy. Firstly, an intelligent, genuinely witty screenplay , secondly , surprisingly touching performances from Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult , and thirdly , clever references to Haley Joel Osment !
Fans of A.I. Artificial Intelligence will find many fascinating parallels between Steven Spielberg's masterpiece and this little gem of a film. Both films centre around a young protagonist , David the mecha in A.I. , and David , a young boy who escapes from a prison in Bulgaria. Both follow the respective young David's difficult quest to find his mother, and both films end with a life-changing, life-affirming experience. Although far from perfect, " I am David " is a wonderful film, in many ways a modern fairy tale of neverending hope, determination and love, and well worth seeing for the stunningly understated performance of Ben Tibber as David.
Crisscross is the story of a 12 year old and his mother struggling to make a life of their own in 1969 America after his father abandoned them. David Arnott's performance in this coming-of-age film gave the film it's emotional resonance with a raw, gritty performance that is deeply affecting and moving . David Arnott played his role as the troubled teen , coming of age, with just the right balance of streetwise believability, vulnerability and innocence .Rated R  
Hearts In Atlantis
This film is about a fatherless 11 year old boy's last summer as a child , and is a warm, rich film about growing up in an imperfect world and friendships that, while perhaps ill-fated and short-lived, greatly enrich the people lucky enough to be part of them. Staring Anthony Hopkins and newcomer Anton Yelchin , both veteren and young actor have a wonderful chemistry onscreen . Yelchin is absolutely believable as a boy on the cusp of growing up, struggling with the loss of his father and trying to find his way in the world . Beautifully photographed in warm , rich , sun-drenched tones and deep contrasts , Hearts in Atlantis is a stunning film to look at, but more importantly, it is a film that reminds us of precious lessons we learned in our own childhood , of the value of friendship , the importance of trust , and the poignancy of dreams lost and found again .
Rabbit Proof Fence
Based on a true and tragic story from Austrailian history, this film contains an important social statement and amazing performances by untrained actors and especially the young girl who performs the lead role. There is an abduction scene in this film that was so strong that after filming it the performers had to stop for the day. Highly recommended ! - Originally recommended by Pazu7.  
Nobody Knows


Nobody Knows is a devastatingly heartrending tale of 4 children abandoned by their single mother, and left to fend for themselves. The film tracks the children's devastating physical deterioration as they struggle to survive. It was astonishing to see the children deal with the inevitable final tragedy with grace and dignity , and I guarantee that no one will leave the theatre unaffected in some way or other by this film . The oldest boy was played by Yuya Yagira in an astounding debut which won him Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2004 , the youngest actor ever to win this prestigious award, and it was completely well-deserved. More pictures here
Whale Rider
Like A.I. , Whale Rider is sure to have an emotional impact. It feels like a wonderful little film, and it's also much of a fairy tale. The cast is great - made out of complex and strong characters. There's really nice music as well, but most of all Whale Rider tells a story that will simply melt your heart. Originally recommended by Busara.  
The Way Home
A spoilt 7 year old, raised in the city by his single mother, is sent to live with his mute grandmother who lives in a hovel high up in the Korean mountains. Accustomed to being given everything that he wants, he makes life difficult for his long suffering grandmother , only to learn towards the end of his stay with her what true love , sacrifice and compassion means. A stunningly simple tale that is bound to touch the most cynical of hearts. Highly recommended !  
Searching For Bobby Fischer
Searching for Bobby Fischer is a wonderful , inspiring film about choices in life, about keeping true to oneself , and about compassion for others . Based on a true story, the film explores the early career of Josh Waitzkin , a chess prodigy since he was 7, and his relationship with his father .Beautifully photographed, sensitively written, and wonderfully acted film . With strong performances not only by young Max Pomeranc , but also by screen veterens Ben Kingsley, Laurence Fishburne and Joe Mantegna , the film is a joy to watch . Review and Pictures  
Zathura is excellent fun, but it doesn't forget to pack a heartwarming message with it as it moves along.The two kids, Jonah Bobo (from Around the Bend, which I loved) and Josh Hutcherson (related to the also cool The Polar Express), are wonderful as the two brothers in the film. They really do an excellent job and are a true joy to view on the screen. They are believable and give a fun and probably realistic view (I do not have any brothers or sisters so I'm relying on instinct here) of how it must be to be growing up together. Both story and their performances add some really moving moments in the film, which also contains a lot of fun and adventure. Reviewed and recommended by Busara. Read more  
A stunningly beautiful film. Filmed by a man who did nature films for National Geographic, the scenery is stunning and the filming brings you right into it. A story about survival, family and unity. Also contains excellent performances by untrained actors. - Originally recommended by Pazu7.  
You Are Special - Max Lucado ( Book Recommendation )
A very touching, beautiful story. It is one of those children's books that work well for adults, too. It is a story about Wemmicks, who are little wooden people who spend their days giving each other stickers. Clever, pretty, or talented Wemmicks get golden stars, while untalented or ordinary looking Wemmicks get gray dots. The Wemmicks' creator, Eli the Woodcarver, teaches one gray-dotted Wemmick, Punchinello, where his real worth comes from. Originally recommended by Matthew .  
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